Dean Ayotte Writing and Photography

Production Work

Freelance Production & Writing

A selection of projects I have completed including production work, features writing, filming work and script writing.

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Own Your Media: Bristol Cable

Working in collaboration with an animator, illustrator and voice actress I wrote the script, storyboarded the animation and project managed the production.

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Filming work for Bristol IWW as part of their union campaign on Deliveroo riders. More information can be found at


"You are Definitely Not Alone"

A joint project between the Bristol Cable, Off the Record and Healthwatch Bristol. I worked as the producer/project lead. Working in collaboration with an illustrator and sound recorder to create a series of illustrations with eight teenage volunteers on the theme of mental health in Bristol.

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In conversation with Ken Loach

Film director Ken Loach just won his second Palme d’Or – the world’s most prestigious film prize – at Cannes Film Festival. The hard-hitting winner, I, Daniel Blake, exposes the cruelty of the benefits sanctions regime through the experiences of two working-class characters in Newcastle. It’s his latest success in a career spanning half a century. Although, as we discovered, Loach is far from mellowing.

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Behind the bike: Bristol’s bicycle couriers talk their trade

Cycle couriering has been changing in Bristol of late – what’s life like for the people who pedal?

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The Happiness Industry

Will Davies is a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London and writes on mental health, political economy and modern Capitalism.  His book The Happiness Industry takes a critical look at how the concept of ‘mental well being’ can be used by governments and big business to monitor and control people at work and in society. The Cable recently spoke to Will as part of our series on mental health and to ask some questions about his book


Interactive: Why did some of us vote leave?

An interactive breakdown of the EU referendum vote in Bristol - ward by ward.

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Gaming, Mental Health and Seeing the Future

Videogames are often undervalued as cultural objects for their escapism, maligned as a hiding place for the lazy. But for sufferers of mental illness, they can not only provide solace at the worst of times but, like the best speculative fiction, suggest future political possibility.